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Typically, homes are insulated to the minimal codes and standards set forth by the State of New Jersey. As a Building Performance Institute accredited contractor, we are taught that these standards are truly minimal. The insulation used in your attics and crawlspaces typically was installed inadequately, leaving gaps and separations between the sheetrock and framing, as well as between the floors and crawlspaces.

We at Beehive Heating and Cooling are trained in the installation of blown-in cellulose insulation. This type of insulation (fairly new to the industry) fills the gaps and voids typically left behind by traditional fiberglass insulation.

As a certified Home Performance with Energy Star contractor, we adhere to a higher standard:

As you can tell, by following Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® guidelines, your insulation values will increase and your energy consumption will drop – translating into energy savings for you year-round. Homes that receive insulation upgrades through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® are more comfortable. They’re cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.