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Our Team

Barry Faggiana

Barry our General Manager is a BPI certified technician joining our staff in 2012.  He brings to Beehive 31 years of technical experience in the servicing and repair of all refrigeration, residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment.  Barry overseers all installations dealing with any technical issues that may arise along with working side by side with all our HVAC technicians when needed on a job site. 



Romeo Gonzalez

Romeo joined our staff in 2004 bringing with him 10 years of experience with the installation of furnaces and air conditioners.  He is our lead technician, laying out jobs in the field before the installation process begins and ensuring that each job is on finished on a timely schedule.





Brian Queenan

Brian joined our staff in 2009.  He handles the servicing of our maintenance contracts, both spring and fall of each year, along with the overflow of service calls.  When Brian is not scheduled out on service he is accompanying the technicians on the installation of ductwork, boilers, furnaces and/or air conditioners.






Greg Schoen

Greg joined our staff in 2008.  He is one of owner’s two sons.  Greg started out in the parts department but soon moved on to being part of the installation crew.  He handles installing our ductwork, bath fans and works closely with the rest of our team on the install of the HVAC equipment.




Cliff Naletov

Cliff joined our staff in 2014 as an HVAC technician bringing with him 14 years of experience installing boilers, furnaces and air conditioners.  Cliff is also the owner’s son in law.  Lots of great things are expected from Cliff in the near future.





John Filipponi

John joined our staff in 2009 after having 25 years’ experience in the installation of HVAC equipment. He managers our warehouse ordering all parts and equipment from our Vendors each and every day.  John’s duties include inventory control as well as layout and material issues for proper install of all our HVAC equipment.




Corey Schoen

Corey joined our staff in 2012.  He is one of the owner’s two sons.  Corey works with John our Warehouse Manager picking up all equipment and parts for whatever job is scheduled for the next day.  Corey also takes care of many other tasks to keep proper flow of business paperwork and responsibilities.



Debbie Faggiana

Debbie joined our staff in 2004 bringing with her 30 years’ experience in the construction field.  Debbie handles all the Home Performance with Energy Star paperwork including the computer entry for this.  Her other duties include payroll, accounts receivable and payable, employee or customer relations and the overseeing of the office.  If there ever is an internal problem she is the one to go to!


Laura Brockman

Laura joined our staff in 2014 as a customer service representative.  She handles numerous phone calls each and every day in our busy office with the scheduling of all residential or commercial service calls, maintenance agreements and the free estimates for our sales staff for new installation.  Along with scheduling Laura also handles our inventory control working closely with John our Parts Manager.