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We at Beehive Heating & Cooling LLC have been trained for the proper installation of sheetmetal ductwork. Our ductwork is built, designed and installed to adhere to the strictest airflow characteristics. These standards are followed to aid in airflow distribution from the high efficiency equipment we install. Our ductwork is typically insulated on the exterior with foil backed R8 insulation.

Should you insulate on the interior or the exterior? A typical problem with lining the interior of the ductwork is the production of mold spores. Insulation of the ductwork on the exterior allows for proper duct cleaning in the future and less restriction to air flow.

We offer a full line of humidification products provided to us by Aprilaire. Their humidifiers have flow through capabilities, meaning that there is no reservoir of water to accumulate mildew or calcium deposits, as there is constant flow of water running thru it.   We offer a complete line of EWC Zone Controls.

If you live in a large home and wish to have varying temperatures throughout, then zoning your ductwork may be your answer.