To Whom It May Concern:

We converted our heating system from oil to natural gas. We also upgraded our air conditioning unit and hot water heater to high efficiency units.

We began this project last spring and contacted three companies for estimates and information.

Out of the three contractors, two of the companies were very close in price and recommended similar equipment. However, our choice was Beehive Heating & Cooling, LLC because they impressed us with the amount of time and the importance of the information they provided.

Scott, the owner, and Barry the General Manager were so great in helping us learn about the project and giving us useful information making our choices knowledgeable. It was important because when we started this project we knew very little about the options available to us..

The Crew that installed our equipment were neat, professional, friendly and very competent. Thanks Greg and Sean!

The Beehive staff's patience and professionalism gave us the confidence in our choice of Beehive and we would reccomend them without hesitation. This was truly a very pleasant experience.


Kevin and Sandra Pilitowski

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Kevin and Sandra Pilitowski