"I had to write and let you know the tremendous difference in comfort and savings you have made in my home.  Through the home performance with Energy Star program, you reinsulated my home and installed a new Trane heater and central AC unit.  Corrections were made in the duct work to facilitate even heating & cooling.   A new AO Smith hot water heater was also installed.  My winter gas bill is literally a third lower, as is my electric bill in the summer.   I am astounded at how comfortable the temperature is in my home.  I took advantage of the zero interest loan to help pay for the upgrades which was a wonderful option.  The state program matched $3,000 of my investment to make the upgrades possible.  Without this financial help, I could not have made the upgrades in my over 60 year old house.  The staff who worked in my home were professional and polite.  They were trustworthy to be in my home.  I thank you very much for the professional advice and hard work put into my home."
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Nancy Webster